France, Grenadier, Infanterie de Ligne, Battle of Fleurus, 1794

A brush and pen drawing, using my own made oak gall ink, which turns a lovely warm brownish tint after the initial greys when it is first applied.

This image of a French Grenadier from the French Revolutionary Wars period, has been taken from a painting by the French artist Mauzaisse, depicting the Battle of Fleurus (near Charleroi, in present day Belgium) that took place on June 26th 1794.

This battle was an important turning point in the Revolutionary Wars and marked the beginning of the ascendancy of the French armies.

The original drawing is 30.5 x 34 cm.

The original and prints are now available in the Shop.

Below is the original painting (465 x 543 cm) by Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse, painted in 1837 and now in the Salle des Batailles at the Palais de Versailles, with General Jourdan commander of the French forces on the white horse.