Dan Green’s Military Art represents the uniform and dress of fighting men (and women) of all periods up to and including the present day. The majority of the subjects I paint, and have painted, represent actual people, whose military journey is at least partly known.

Each uniform representation is meticulously researched, and accurately painted and detailed to present the figure as realistically as possible, combined with a setting pertinent to that person, whether it was where they were based, served or fought.

All images shown are available for purchase – either as originals and/or as prints.


If you don’t see the particular unit or period that interests you please contact me regarding commissioning an original watercolour, as most requests can be considered.

I can also paint your family member in the uniform of your choice, whether you have a photograph or image of them in that uniform or not.  Even if you only have a portrait photograph, or no image at all but want a representation of how they might have looked, with some basic background information such as unit and date, this can still be done.

For more information about commissions see here.


Visit the Galleries to see examples of the different historical periods covered.



Why not have a portrait of you or someone close to you in the period dress of your choice. You can choose between pencil, watercolour or oil. Click on the button below to see  some examples of previous commissions; clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a larger image plus the original photos used, either, where practical, taken by myself, or, supplied by the client.